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I am thankful for this amazing view, from a new project I’m working on in the Hollywood Hills! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

This year is a special year for me. The day after Thanksgiving, I will celebrate half a century on this planet, so I am being extra thankful.

I am thankful that one day, 22 years ago, I walked outside of my newly purchased home and started looking at the roses the previous owner left behind. I hated those roses – hybrid teas – ungainly shrubs with inappropriate flowers. So I started reading up on plants to replace them with. And my life changed.

I am thankful that I design gardens, that I help people surround themselves with planted spaces that can change their perspective on our place in this world. I am incredibly thankful for my out-of-this-world clients who somehow always have faith in me, and who take care of the gardens we have made together.

I am thankful that I have a voice, and that my voice can be shared via this technology that has come to dominate media in the last decades. I am thankful that Deborah Needleman decided that I was the perfect voice to be the garden blogger for her magazine Domino, so many years ago – a position that changed my life again, and started me on a path that saw me turn into a published author. I am thankful that Timber Press’s Development Editor Juree Sondker was a fan of that blog!

I am incredibly thankful for Garden Rant! That I am one of the opinionated voices that share in this space is mind-boggling to me – I mean, I am one of the READERS of the Rant, one of the people who was a fan and who was provoked into action because of many of the issues posted here! How is it that I am actually a RANTER? It is thanks to Susan Harris, Amy Stewart, Elizabeth Licata, and Michele Owens, the original four who decided that my loud mouth would be a good fit. I understand that mine is one of the more strident voices here, and I am constantly thankful that my ideas and notions are given space to be worked out, to become nuanced. I believe strongly in the power of discourse, of frank discussion among well-meaning individuals – great things can happen when people open themselves up to new ideas. I am incredibly thankful to have this space to discuss and to learn, as I have, from many of my readers. I am thankful that we banter, and that we have fun, even when we are dialoging about some of the most serious issues that affect us all.

I don’t know what the future will bring, but I do know that for what has passed, I am incredibly grateful. I’m going to tackle my NEXT half century with gusto, bravado, panache, willfulness, fervor, vehemence, kookiness, laughter, and willingness. To be whatever it is I am becoming!


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Ivette Soler
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