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Beech Hill Farm

Grated beet salad with red onions, carrots, and a delicious vinaigrette. Grass-fed beef steaks, perfectly grilled.  A potato salad made with homemade mayonnaise and chipotle relish. Melting, sweet homegrown tomatoes with good olive oil, sea salt and basil. Boiled Maine lobster. Broiled baby eggplant with lemon basil and a pole bean, red onion, and tomato salad. Wild blueberry buckle.

That is but a small sample of what I’ve been eating in the last few days.

One of the joys of my summer is visiting two sets of friends who have waterfront houses, one on Star Lake in the Adirondacks and the other on Mount Desert in Maine. They also have adorable kids whom my kids love, and adding to the beautiful scenery and recreation and general air of  happiness is the fact that my friends have vegetable gardens and love to cook.  So we pool the amazing produce from our gardens and cook the kind of sumptuous many-course meals that are only possible when there are two or three people in the kitchen and at the grill each doing their own thing.

And in Maine, whatever we haven’t grown, we buy at Beech Hill Farm, a gorgeous place that is a project of the College of the Atlantic, with the kind of glamorous, perfectly groomed produce that I suspect only idealistic student labor can explain.

It all makes communal living seem really attractive. If only I could find a commune with no ideology other than that of superb ingredients.


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Michele Owens
on August 10, 2012 at 7:00 am, in the category Eat This, Feed Me.