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In May I talked to Doug Tallamy when he visited Buffalo to give a talk, and reported on it here. I recorded our conversation and finally finished a radio segment for our local NPR affiliate, WBFO. These segments can only be about 3 and a half minutes, tops, so I had to edit out most of what we said. If you have never heard Doug speak before, you can tell what a nice easy-going guy he is  from listening to this excerpt from a much longer conversation. Basically though—he just wants is a little biodiversity. I added a very simple and limited slide show on some natives for Western New York gardens as well for the station’s website.. But if people are interested, they will find more.

By the way, I found a very easy program for editing audio, Audacity. It was free, too.

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Elizabeth Licata
on August 18, 2016 at 8:35 am, in the category Regardemagazine Airwaves, Unusually Clever People.