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Google’s been in the news lately for having hired 200 goats to “mow” the grounds around their California headquarters.  But I’ll go parochial here and brag on the mowing goats of Maryland:

  • The State Highway Administration is using them to mow around highway bypasses where the threatened bog turtles live.  The light-hooved animals pose no threat.
  • Baltimore schools use goats on loan from a local farm to clear brush at their central garden/greenhouse facility.

Not only do goats not run on gas or kill turtles, but they fertilize as they work, and aerate the soil as they stroll along.  Also, no coffee breaks.  And they’re so CUTE.  Beyond Pesticides lists all the uses of mowing goats it could find.

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ADDENDUM:  I lOVE this comment from Cameron:

“I have a bit of amusing goat experience. First of all, if you buy one goat, you
get three. All females are pregnant with twins! LOL

“Having milked
Toggenburg goats so often for a friend when they took vacation, I can no longer
eat goat cheese — the smell — well, it’s memorable!

“Once on a trip to
France, my stepson, a teen at the time, sniffed some smelly cheese and said it
smelled just like a male goat that he once had. My husband has a lot of stories
— like the time the goat was stolen and the thief was known in the community
and made fun of to the point that he returned the goat. The goat would slip
under the fence on a regular basis to go next door to watch the kids play

“They are funny and friendly. I once knew a goat that had to
kiss me every time I visited my friend. Each has a unique personality. However,
they are a handful! :-)”

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Susan Harris
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