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That’s Diane Lewis, whose New York Times editorial “The Toxic Brew in our Yards” about pesticides stated the problem so convincingly and drew kudos from around the gardening world.   I found the video on the website of her Great Healthy Yard Project.

I’ll be contacting Dr. Lewis to congratulate her on the project and the piece in the Times, and introduce her to her cohorts in the Lawn Reform Coalition.  Speaking of which, coalition member Paul Tukey, who’s been sounding the alarm about yard pesticides almost single-handedly for years, has moved on to showcase organic lawn care at a Maryland art museum, so Lewis’s voice is needed now more than ever.

So, anybody have a question for the good doctor/healthy yard advocate?  I have one, for starters.  Is she the American version of Dr. June Irwin, who started the successful campaign to ban such pesticides across almost all of Canada?  Oh, and what’s her plan for cleaning up yards and drinking water across the U.S.?

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Susan Harris
on May 13, 2014 at 7:12 am, in the category Lawn Reform.